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Welcome to my Hamilton Family Website !!!
This site contains much of the history of our family. Perhaps you're here because you're looking for your own ancestors. If so Good luck in your search. Some of the surnames you'll find here are of course Hamilton, as well as Osborn, Hudson, Stevenson, Madry, Reeves..........and many more. Welcome to all fellow Hammy's !!!

The animated banner above shows the lineage of father to son back to our earliest known Hamilton ancestor William Hamilton. William Hamilton was married to Catherine Stevenson the daughter of the Rev. Elam Stevenson. If anyone can provide solid evidence as to who was the father of our William Hamilton please contact me....
I have a GedCom file available via e-mail to anyone who wishes to view it. In it there are around 900 individuals from our family tree. With this size of a work there are no doubt some errors but I work only with what I truthfully believe to be factual information. If you do not have software to view a Gedcom file you can download a viewer for free from CNet at I recommend GenViewer Lite.

Elam Carr Hamilton
Sarah Angeline Riddle Hamilton

Thomas Telford Hamilton
Florriebelle Henrietta Hudson Hamilton

Elam Morris Hamilton 1944

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